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When will we use a 4 cutters hummer drill bit instead of a 2 cutters hummer drill bit?

Some would say that the best, or most helpful way - to drill holes throw concrete, is probably a suitable drill bit for it, which has all the proper fittings and characterization. In the market, there are all kinds of models of drill bits, which can do the job. Some are cheap and simple, some are more luxurious and high quality and some offer interesting options. In this article, we will review the differences between a coefficient with 4 cutters and a with 2 cutters drill bit, and we will talk a bit about the correct timing for them, in our opinion and our understanding of the subject.

4 cutters or 2 cutters, that's the question. Well, when it comes to 4 cutters hummer drill bit, we are talking about the iron unit which drills in the concrete, when in the top there are 4 pieces, which will perform the cutting action - while the drill bit will operate and rotate. Therefore, 4 cutters is simply a definition of the cutting structure of the drill unit, while 2 cutters is a different definition. Naturally and structurally, when using a unit with 4 cutters, the operation is fundamentally different from using a unit with 2 cutters, since the cutting qualities vary. Therefore, we will examine and examine, what changes, in fact, so that we can know better - when will we use a drill with 4 cutters instead of a drill with 2 cutters?

The quality of the drill bit

In principle, each such drill unit is made of the material carbide, which is made of carbon. Therefore we can say that it is a kind of carbon compound - and the more percent of that carbon compound present in the drill bit unit, the more durable the unit can be, which is actually what can affect its durability and function over time, because as far as we understand - higher concentration of the substance This indicates a higher quality of the drill. We also understood that this has more weight in determining the durability of the drill bit, than other functions, as the number of cutters - and whatnot - though, is not a professional recommendation on the subject. Therefore, even if there are many options on the market, of the types of drill bit units - the mix of the compound in question, higher percentages of it - should indicate higher quality, to our understanding. When the drill units were first manufactured, they came on the market with a hammer drill bit that has 2 cutters. This is actually the model, the original model, or so it is said in some online sources - while today, it is possible to use a drill bit that has 4 cutters so that its tip point looks like an X.

Advantages of a 4-cutter hummer drill bit

The benefits of a drill with 4 cutters, which looks like an X, are varied. First, there are marketing reports that the product actually allows drilling work at a higher working temperature. That is, in stages where a drill with 2 cutters is already heating up and must be stopped to allow it to cool down - a model with 4 cutters, X-shaped, can simply continue to work. So that it can save labor time as well as allow for more intensity during it. So relatively speaking, it can be said that a model with 4 cutters is simply more resistant to high temperatures than a model with 2 cutters, and this allows for proper work to continue even "when things get hot".

Second, a drill with 4 cutters, allows small pieces to be extracted while drilling, and it is of significant interest to maintain quality, fast and accurate drilling - as well as to preserve the life of the drill itself. This is in comparison to the function of the 2-cutter model, in this regard. Finally, we can point out that a drill with 4 cutters - is simply more resistant to intense situations, where a lot of pressure is applied to the drill bit head - so that it can "survive" it, more easily, compared to a model with 2 drills. So it can be economical in the long run - the ability to withstand drills that last, even in the face of high working pressure, drilling in concrete.

Therefore, in summary, it seems that it can be more efficient to use drill bis with 4 cutters, than drill bit with 2 cutters, when drilling in concrete over time, and want to maintain the life of the drill, as well as allow a fast, effective and perhaps even convenient drilling experience More - convenient in the sense, of "it is possible to drill freely" more, because a drill with 4 cutters can simply be more durable than that with 2 cutters. Or it is at least our understanding of the subject.

4 cutters hammer drill bit
4 cutters hammer drill bit

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